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Miyajima Island


Miyajima Island


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Morning Fog

Having scrambled up a large rock, our hero takes one of the last photos before being descended upon by a tribe of intelligent apes -- the product of a secret research project gone bad. They should have heeded the warnings of the locals and paid more attention to the writings under the skull carvings.

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Ferry Ride

As you cross the Inland Sea a little south of the port of Hiroshima, the gate for Itsukushima Shrine starts to come into view.

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Island Deer

The local deer population more than doubles the number of permanent residents on the island.

Shrine Gate

The gate to Itsukushima Shrine sits on the edge of the low tide. If you get there early enough, you can almost walk right up to it. But if you're too late, it's a cold swim.

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From the Deck

A long walk off a short pier is only a problem after the tide rolls in.

Guardian Lions

Looking out toward the sea stand two guardian lions keeping vigil for friends and enemies. 

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Cool Tree

Part of the climb up the mountain revealed this view through the tree.

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Top View

Five images make up this panoramic view (about 180 degrees) from the top of Miyajima Island. The port of Hiroshima is a little out of frame to the right.

February 1, 2001


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