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The Golden Pavilion

Kinkaku-ji, or the Golden Pavilion is a must see if you visit Kyoto. The gardens are geared for traffic flow, but I wouldn't have missed it.

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Imperial Gardens

The following pictures are from gardens of Kyoto's Imperial Palace. 

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Kinkakuji and Me

A testament to the kindness of the Japanese people. It must have been obvious that I was visiting alone because a gentleman on a tour turned to me and offered to take my picture.

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A Buddhist temple that sits on the eastern mountain range of Kyoto. It was great to look out over the city. Definitely another place to not miss. 

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Imperial Gardens

The Emperor and his family have moved to Tokyo but the place is open to tourists. 

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The Spring

Once again, the generosity of a follow tourist made this picture possible. The water from the Kiyomizu, 'pure water,' spring has been streaming down for thousands of years.

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Ryoanji Temple

The Zen rock garden of Ryoanji is a great place to just sit. The 15 rocks are said to have been laid out by a painter/gardener who died in 1525. Talk about lasting contributions. The other 7 stones are out of frame.

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Imperial Gardens

The gardens are supposed to represent the oceanside, complete with beach, according to the tour guide anyway.

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Ryoanji Temple

Tsukubai wash basin:
'I learn only to be contented.'

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The two-story gate leads into the yard in front of the Founder's Hall dedicated to the founder of the Shin Buddhist tradition.

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Where's Waldo

Beneath the pine tree stands a man in a light colored coat. He is in front of the largest wooden structure in the world. The Founder's Hall -- Shinto leader Shinran Shonin -- is 249 feet by 189, 126 feet high.

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Where's Waldo 2

Less than one-fifth of the 15,000 tomb cemetery behind a Shinto Shrine on the way up to Kiyomizu. One of the dark shadows in the foreground is a man in a leather coat.

December 19 ~ 22, 2000


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