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Atomic Bomb Dome

Here's the dome by day. I smiled for the photo, then wondered if I should have. It's preserved in the state it was left after the bomb -- and out in front is a petition still requesting an apology from the US for the death of the many men, women and children who suffered from the explosion and the aftermath.

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Shining Light

Standing as a remembrance of the devastation of war, the dome also stands as a beacon for peace.

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Night Glow

Lights, not radiation, cause the Atomic Bomb Dome to glow at night. This structure was only 160m from the point under the explosion, which happened about 600m above the earth.

peace_park_clock.jpg (170630 bytes)

Peace Park Clock

Quarter past eight every morning, the mortal moment of the blasting back in 1945, the clock will chime its prayer for perpetual peace and appeal to the peoples of the world that the wish be answered promptly. May the chime pervade the remotest corners of the Earth!

Unanimous with all the members of International Lions Clubs in striving for the goal, we present this clock tower to the municipality and the citizens.

Hiroshima Rijo Lions Club
October 28, 1967

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Turtle Drum

One of many gifts presented by the many cultures of the world and housed in the Peace Park Museum. This drum is a gift from Tahiti.

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Mobile Home

I've seen many of these 'mobile homes' -- homeless people carrying cardboard houses folded neatly onto bicycles. A quiet digital camera is all that disturbed this man's slumber. The fact that I'm wearing gloves and a hat to take this disturbed mine. Notice that even the shoes are neatly placed beneath the bench.

soul_shoes.jpg (153987 bytes)

'Soul' Shoes

At only 7,900 yen (about $75) the boots are a bargain, don't you think? I'd actually be taller than a few more people if there weren't so many women and girls wearing these.

hiroshima_today.jpg (168624 bytes)


The view from the top of the castle shows why Hiroshima is often called the 'phoenix of Japan.' Only the top of the Atomic Dome is visible just to the left of the large domed building (not distinguishable in this photo).

hiroshima_castle.jpg (317511 bytes)

Hiroshima Castle

One of many castles that were destroyed and rebuilt after the war.

January 30 ~ February 1, 2001


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