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Shrines & Temples


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Called a raccoon dog by the locals, we can't help but refer to it as a 'big-balled badger' -- maybe because 'well-hung woodchuck' just doesn't roll off the tongue quite as well. Anyway, they are as prevalent as the beckoning kitty in shopkeepers’ windows and, I think, are bearers of good luck.

Rinkoji Temple

Some of the smaller shrines and temples are difficult to find. But I keep encountering people that are willing to point me in the right direction, even draw me a map from time to time. Even the map made this one hard to find. It was in plain site.

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Ms. Raccoon Dog

In order to be politically correct, because it's very difficult with the subject, here's the female version.

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Raccoon Dog Family

Not quite a Japanese version of the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s but here's a whole clan of them.



Sumo Shrine sumo_shrine.jpg (343423 bytes)

Plum Blossoms

The early signs of spring begin to show, like these outside a shrine dedicated to the sport of Sumo.

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Ancestor Priests

On the surrounding hill of most shrines or temples are the remains of several of the priests that provided assistance and prayers for the people of the area.

January 24, 2001


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