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Kasuisai Temple


kasuisai_bell.jpg (63102 bytes)

Temple Bell

The large cast bell is representative of most of the bells I've seen. This one, though not visible in the darkness, is held in the clenched teeth of a dragon's head.

Built in 1401 A.D., Kasuisai is one of three major temples that give the Enshu region it's three mountains, or three temples. This is the one most frequented by the household.

kasuisai_selfp.jpg (82653 bytes)

Mountain Shrine

One of my first pictures using the self-timer on my camera, but also a testament to the devotion of people and their beliefs.

kasuisai_slipper.jpg (117379 bytes)

Giant Sandal

Kasuisai has many trade organizations that participate in the temple's success. I'm not sure if this and other oversized objects are for them or for Buddha.

fire_festival.jpg (244860 bytes)

Fire Festival

The fire festival at Kasuisai is one of the few specifically for fire fighters of Japan. Held in December, the festival has been around for more than 400 years. 

fire_festival2.jpg (186128 bytes)

Fire Walking

It's really a symbolic ritual of purification by fire, and it works out to be more of a purification by smoke -- but the idea is the same. I followed a little later.  

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