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Hattasan Temple


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The Temple

 Opened in 725 A.D., Hattasan Temple is a place where a lot of people gather around the first of the year to pray. This was the destination of my first sight-seeing tour of Fukuroi. I originally set out on foot but was thankful for the bus on the way back home, especially after all the stairs.

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Fukuroi Shrine

Spread throughout, oh, I don't know, everywhere in Japan, you'll find small and medium shrines in the middle of the city or a housing development that never make it to a tourist map. This was one on the way to Hattasan Temple. 

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Inside Look

 This is typical of many of the temples I've visited. Some are more or less opulent in their appearance but they all look something like this -- beautiful.

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Garden Shrine

It seems that gardens and water are a good thing because everywhere I travel there tends to be one or the other, or both.

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Ceiling Art

Like everything else in Japan, no space is wasted. It usually pays to look up every now and then.

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Demon of Fortune

This is one of the Demon gods that guard against the forces of bad luck. It's hard to say if I want a demon protecting me against the forces of evil but then who would be a better judge of character.


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