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Dragon's Nest


Yusanji Painting

Painting on the ceiling of one of the small shrines of Yusanji. Laying over a water trough to take this was interesting -- it was dark with a long exposure.

I find that most of the temples or shrines have a place where you can rinse your hands, purify yourself in some way. Many of the basins are filled by water flowing from the mouth of a dragon. Some of them are shown here.

dragons_nest.jpg (282496 bytes)

Dragon's Nest

A pair of dragons perched on rain barrels guard the entrance of the shrine.

dragons_nest2.jpg (289577 bytes)

Dragon's Nest

A close-up of one of the guardian dragons. The shrine is far from regular tourist stops.

hagashi-honganji_dragon.jpg (133468 bytes)


This dragon is carved with a lot of detail that is lost in the translation.

kiyomizudera_dragon.jpg (262768 bytes)


Looking out toward the city of Kyoto, this dragon welcomes visitors to the main temple.

fukuroi_shrine_drgn.jpg (105105 bytes)

Fukuroi Shrine

It doesn't show up on any map that I've found yet, but it was one of the first I'd photographed.


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