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Around Town


big_spider.jpg (203049 bytes)

 'Small' Spider

This is the first picture that I took from my place in Fukuroi. The spider isn't fully stretched out but notice the 6-inch ruler sitting behind her on the balcony.

fukuroi_bridge.jpg (92202 bytes)

Fukuroi Bridge

This is one of a pair of statues on the main bridge from Fukuroi Station as it crosses into the booming metropolis.

tea_fields.jpg (304781 bytes)

Green Rows

Tea fields on the road to Hattasan Temple-- as far as the eye can see.

asaba_beach.jpg (68745 bytes)

Asaba Beach

A view from the other side of the Pacific Ocean. This fishing boat is waiting for the surfers to finish an afternoon ride.

hustler.jpg (71413 bytes)

Hustler Wagon

HUSTLE HUSTLING What's wrong with hustling everyday? Oceans? Mountains? No Problem! Handsome boy? That's me!

tatami_room.jpg (139987 bytes)

Tatami Room

This is my room -- clean and everything. It doesn't change much from this but I'm longing for a bed that the air blows under.

living_room.jpg (235444 bytes)

Living Room

The TV is off to the left. It's nice not to have to sit on my knees on the floor.

dining_kitchen.jpg (238721 bytes)


Not bad for three guys - but then John usually likes to keep things neat, neater.

back_door.jpg (277891 bytes)

Back Door

The bridge is for the Shinkansen. All the green in the fields is growing rice.

fukuroi_dome.jpg (162118 bytes)

Fukuroi Dome

Around the station square stands many small statues but this one takes center stage.

Walk Home

This is the path I take to get home. It should drive you crazy for a little while, but the tunnel is the third image, a tan building is tenth, then the car and buses start it all over again.

September 2000


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