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Miyajima Island




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Tanah Lot

Low tide allows a walk across the black sand beach to the base of the temple. A little cave tour with a view of a holy snake awaits tourists and worshippers alike, so I was told.

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Towel with a View

Most of my time in Bali was spent looking across the bay toward Bali's volcano. In the afternoons, rain often interrupted my sand crab counting.

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Tanah Lot Sunset

Pictures can't get close to the real Bali but here's a pretty one that will help you imagine. The island really is like a National Geographic article.

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Monkey Forest

Remember the trip to Miyajima? Well, in Bali, there really is a monkey king temple. This little one, however, isn't part of the royalty. No manners!

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 Family Tree

No, not my family, but close. The 'leaves' are all fruit bats just hangin' around. (Sorry.)

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Bali and the Band

A wonderful first-night dinner at the hotel complete with Balinese dancers and a wood xylophone band. Very cool!

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Barong Gate

Bali is definitely a place to worship a god or two (three, four, ...). Many of the island gates and temples have symbols of the barong, this one in the shape of a bat, a beast-like guardian protector from evil and misfortune. Oddly, I was more concerned about what protects me from the barong. Every culture has their own thing -- isn't it great!

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From the sea

Kids will be kids wherever you go. These are playing with a starfish that washed in with the tide. It and the offerings made on this religious holiday were allowed to wash back out to sea. 

March 10 ~ 13, 2001


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